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Lighting Guide

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How to choose lamps for children's room. Children's lighting guide

Every element of the home is essential to stimulate the growth of children by giving free rein to the imagination. And adapting the lighting of each space in which they coexist is key to their proper development. At Dalber we manufacture different types of children's and youth lamps that can be combined according to the needs of children. Furthermore, at CHILDRENLIGHTING.COM we always seek safety for them and provide them adequate lighting.

The importance of lighting during the first years of baby's life

The correct choice of lighting for the child's room during the first years of life will be essential for his room to be a comfortable place, where they can begin to develop their basic skills. When we talk about lighting a baby's room, we should think about achieving a soft lighting, inviting the Childs to rest and relax during their sleeping hours.

For this we recommend installing general lights that create a diffuse atmosphere, with a low intensity, and that do not represent any point of light stress for the baby

Children's Night lights

The children's night lights will be in charge of accompanying the little ones during the night. With them you will be able to create a safe and welcoming environment, inviting the baby to fall asleep comfortably. These children's night lamps will allow you to access the room without having to use another light that can dazzle or wake them up.

Our children's bedside lamps are the perfect option to achieve dim points of light in the baby's room, by selecting an low intensity LED bulb.



Lighting ideas for the youth room

When the child begins to grow, the long hours of sleep turn into hours of play and later into activities such as drawing or painting. And for this it is necessary that, in addition to having as much natural light as possible, we have clear priorities regarding the lamps that will make children feel at ease in their room.

For this we will establish different types of children's lighting, depending on the moment of the day or the activity that the little ones are doing at that time.

Types of children's lamps to illuminate the children's room

In general, when lighting a children's or youth room, we must think of three general types of lamps, with their different functions, meeting their needs at all times:

Children's Pendant Lamps

They are height-adjustable lamps, which include a removable light diffuser that prevents glare and attenuates the intensity of light.

For children's ceiling lamps, Dalber recommends the use of 6.5-8W LED bulbs (not included - but available for purchase here) that will make the lighting level in the room sufficient for most activities of the little ones.

Children's Ceiling Lights

Another option for a children's ceiling ar our ceiling lamps, which are directly fixed to the ceiling, so they perfectly transmit the light to the entire room in a more distributed way, avoiding shadows