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Children's lamps a world of light and color

Children Pendant Lamp

pendant lamps

children multple pendant lamps

multiple pendant lamps

children table lamps

table lamps

Children Ceiling Lights

ceiling lights

Children Wall Lights

wall lights

Decorative Kids Pendants

no light pendants


ceiling fans

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study lamps


new collection children lighting
new collection happy jungle
new collection little chicken
whale dream a new collection
moonlight a new collection
rocket a new collection

Children Lamps

children lamps

Teenagers Lamps

teenager lamps


children-lamps-baby-dreams-star-cloud-heart (1).jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-07 180113.png offers children's and youth lamps for every moment
Every element at home is essential to stimulate the growth of children, giving free rein to the imagination and adapting the lighting of each space in which they live is key to their proper development.

That is why at we are committed to creating a pleasant and child-friendly environment with our colorful collections of children's and youth lamps.

Manufactured 100% in Spain by DALBER we are offering a range of children's lamps that can be combined according to your needs, ensuring their safety while creating optimal children lighting.

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